Tuesday, 5 February 2013


I buy a lot of books. I'm addicted to them. My home is full of them. I try to keep my book buying under control as money is tight at the moment, so I limit myself to around twenty pounds or so each month. If I were buying new books, that wouldn't go very far. But, most of the time I get used ones and for twenty quid you can get quite a few. So, today the Postie delivered a couple of my latest purchases (with more to be delivered soon).

I saw Ak-Ack Macaque advertised in the current issue of SFX Magazine and thought man, I've got to get that! A gun totting monkey-man with an eye-patch and a cigar, how could I resist.

Now, look at the cover of the Guy N. Smith book. Fantastic. I'm a fan of Smith's books and I'm currently adding more of them to my collection. Sadly it doesn't say who the cover artist was but I intend to do a little digging online... I remember as a teenager, I'd go into my local WH Smiths and browse through the horror books and the cover's for Guy N. Smith's would leap out at me. Shaun Hutson was another who's covers were very vivid.

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